cees mulder


ing. cees mulder
acoustic consultant

Kursaal - Oostende

Oostende - Belgium
type of venue
multi functional hall
room acoustics
Storme Van Ranst Architecten
2002 - 2005

A thorough renovation of the Casino Kursaal was required due to the deterioration of the building that originates from the 1950's. Special attention was required for the acoustics of the main hall in order to regain the grandeur of earlier times. The hall was set to be suitable to stage a variety of performances including symphonic music. Prior to the renovation an acoustic investigation was carried out the determine the original state of the acoustics. With this input and the requirements for the acoustics the acoustic specifications for this hall were determined. During the design acoustic studies were carried out using acoustic simulations. For the variable acoustics and orchestra performances a MCR system and a orchestra shell were designed. From the design specification documents were created with which installers were selected. After the installation the hall and the system was tuned and verification measurements were executed. Some fine tuning was executed with live orchestras.


The system, that among others creates the variable acoustics, has been awarded with the Installation Europe Award 2005 for technical excellence.

view at the hall with the MCR loudspeakers at the ceiling and side wall

view at the hall prior to a concert