cees mulder


ing. cees mulder
acoustic consultant

Kerkzaal Hermitage - Amsterdam

type of venue
museum, concert hall
room acoustics
2011 - 2012

As part of their education, students of the Theatre Academy Amsterdam carried out an acoustic investigation at the Kerkzaal at the Hermitage Amsterdam. Musicians that performed in that hall addressed their concerns about the acoustics. As is turned out the situation was more complicated, Kahle Acoustics was involved. This led to a live test with musicians and temporary provisions. From the results from the test permanent provisions were designed in collaboration with the architect, Hans van Heeswijk architecten.

After remarks about the acoustics in the Kerkzaal (Churchhall) it was decided to make an education project for the Theatre Academy to investigate the situation. Students of the course "Theatre Engineering" (OTT) performed measurements, analysed those, reported the results and gave recommendations for improvements. As the situation was quite complex additional consultancy was given about acoustic provisions and use of the room (e.g. set-up of the musicians). In a later stage Kahle Acoustics was involved which let to a live test where temporary provisions were investigated. After this test acoustic provisions were designed in collaboration with Hans van Heeswijk Architects.

view of the interior during an acoustic test with ensemble

view at the stage with the acoustic test provisions on the side

view at the stage with the final provisions