cees mulder


ing. cees mulder
acoustic consultant


My ears

The most important tools I use are my ears, as my logo indicates. Regardless of specifications and numbers, at the end it should simply sound perfect. Simply listening can explain why something sounds or doesn't sound good.

Rhinoceros / Grasshopper 3D design and ray-tracing

The acoustics in a room is for a major part determined by the geometry. In order to understand the behaviour of a room one should investigate the geometry of a room. This I do using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper with special by Kahle Acoustics developed plug-ins, my primary design tool. The geometry can be investigated statical, e.g. an existing design, or dynamical using Grasshopper to design and test by ray-tracing real time. In this way a design can be made very efficiently and parts of a room can be tailored with high precision and acoustic efficiency.

DIRAC room acoustic measurement software

In order to determine objective acoustical parameters I use DIRAC room acoustic measurement software developed by Acoustics Engineering.

The tube and the box

To excite a room one needs a source. For this I use two self made sources. The tube I use to perform a so called “decrease-with-distance” measurement that enables to create an acoustical fingerprint of a room. This measurement makes it easily possible to compare the results with e.g. Barron's revised theory.
The box, compact and handy to transport, I primarily use for reverberation time measurements.

Devlaeminck dodecahedron with active sub

Custom made by Devlaemick Audio Engineering from Eindhoven are these high performance measurement loudspeakers, to bring acoustic measurements to an even higher level.